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john-david-booty-pic1John David Booty was born on January 3, 1985, in Shreveport, Louisiana. John David Booty was the starting quarterback of University of Southern California (USC) football team. John David Booty is called “John David” Booty because his father’s name is John Booty.  Not only the passion for football, he was a guitarist.

John David Booty is the younger brother of Josh Booty and was a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who played at LSU for 2 seasons (1999-2000) following a 5-year (1994-98) baseball career as an infielder in the Florida Marlins organization (including 13 games in the majors). Another brother is Abram Booty, he was a wide receiver at LSU (1997-1999) and Valdosta State (2001).